A Proper Title to Be Defined

2017, Captured State: New Art from Macedonia, Sciennes Gallery, Summerhall, Edinburgh (exhibition view)

Exhibition view (Summerhall) and documentary material, photo credit: Cat Thomson/Summerhall and Denis Saraginovski

2017, installation [inkjet print: Claria ink on Premium photo paper; objects (metal, LED lights and hand made paper: posters, graffiti pigment, bronze), variable arrangements and dimensions]

This is the third project in the series of projects produced and signed as OPA Professional. Following the concept of this pseudo-entity – creating visually appealing images and objects, seemingly deprived from the political, while developing several kinds of prototypes of art production we developed a method of producing nice and delicate objects: a hand-made paper produced from the residues of both political electoral posters and political promotional graffiti.     

Thanks to: Nenad Tonkin

Further reading:

Captured State: New Art from Macedonia, group exhibition curated by Jon Blackwood, Sciennes Gallery, Summerhall, Edinburgh (6.10. – 30.11.2017)

Wallace, Megan. 2017. Captured State @ Summerhall, Edinburgh, The Skinny, 15.11.2017