2003, mockumentary video, 32 min

With the help of clues and evidence found in Macedonia, in September 2003 OPA is starting a trip from Macedonia to Estonia in search for a mysterious alchemical device. Many people from the Estonian village Mooste and from other regions help them in their research.

Beginning as documentary, the video reveals the function, the meaning and the history of the mysterious object. The documents and testimonies affirm that key figures of the world history owned the object, which gave them a power of a great manipulation. After the radical change of its form, the film transforms into documentation of a performance, or a documentation of making mockumentary where the authors use their real-life situations and communication with the local people.

The situations are sometimes directed by the authors but sometimes by the interviewed people. The line between the fiction and realty is deleted.

Screenplay and editing: Slobodanka Stevceska & Denis Saraginovski
Filming: Denis Saraginovski, John Grzinich
Naration: Denis Saraginovski
Mediation, support and translation: Evelyn Müürsepp
Production: OPA
The work was produced during OPA’s stay at MOKS – Mooste Guest Studio, Estonia

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MoKS Residency artists – OPA (Obsessive Progressive Agression)