Dear Jehona and Vladimir, This Box Contains 5000 Denars

2018, object

The work is a wedding gift for our friends Jehona and Vladimir. It’s a transparent box containing 5,000 denars in denominations of ten denars. In the short text inserted in the object is stated that the banknotes “on May 15, 2018 cease to be a legal means of payment”, followed by “It’s up to you to decide whether to keep them or replace them, ie. will you preserve the aesthetic/collectible aspect of this piece or use its utilitarian function”.

The communication on this work continued by a text written by Vladimir and published in Blesok magazine.

Janchevski Vladimir. 2018. OPAque netWORKS: What, when, where, how, to whom and how much?, Blesok no.119, May-June 2018, Skopje

Владимир Јанчевски. 2018. ОПАсни врски: Што, кога, каде, како, кому и колку чини?, Блесок бр.119, мај-јуни 2018, Скопје