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Documentary material

2003, action/ intrusion at The Biennale of Young Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje; co-author Sašo Talevski a.k.a. HA (Chronic Arrogance)

OPA and HA unofficially invited themselves to participate at the 6th (Macedonian) Biennale of Young Artists, because they are artists and they felt young (31, 31, 36). They invited three top models from the most known Macedonian model agency Crnokrak and with a small intervention (OPA stickers on their costumes) these models became an art provocation.

Models: Maja Gligorovska, Barbara Efremova, Svetlana Crnokrak
Thanks to: Miki and Svetlana Crnokrak

Further reading:

Vilić, Nebojša. 2013. Status #100 – 21/79: Пост-изложби,, 24.11.2013