Forms of Ownership

Forms of Ownership (2018-2021) was a research group with a fluctuating membership, consisting of artists, lawyers, economists and scientists. The group was formed under the umbrella of The Hub of Tricks, Cheats and Love in Disguise project (G-MK, Zagreb) and has realized two AiR programs stays – PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany) and European Media Artists in Residence Exchange – EMARE (M-Cult, Helsinki, Finland) and participation in several media festivals.

Further reading:

#ResidencyInsights, PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany

Forms of Ownership, The European Media Art Platform (EMAP),

Care Project Administration, move to… sociosphere, ecosphere, bodydatasphere, Werkleitz Festival, Halle/ Saale, Germany (June 19–July 4 2021)

Viral Fiction – EMAP Residency Journeys, Ars ElectronicaLinz, Austria (9-13.09.2020)

Interfacing life, NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus (9-30.06.2023)