Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate

2012, EPP – Commercial Propaganda Messages, Kooperacija, Skopje (exhibition view)

2012-2013, three objects (each 24x28x3cm) and several figurines in variable arrangements

Design of a mock product: assortment of three chocolate boxes (chocolate lions, chocolate antique warriors and chocolate Alexander the Great bars). All of them chosen as the most representative icons of the newest Macedonian political project (Skopje 2014) — a project controversial in many respects: ideologically, aesthetically, financially… The design incorporates existing souvenirs (purchased from the specialized stores promoted by the Government of R. Macedonia) modified into “chocolate” figurines. 

The urgent (both aggressive and clumsy) growth of monumental public art, aimed to intimidate and to demonstrate power, becomes parody of the desire for monumentality, significance and historical relevance. The created products — three chocolate boxes, only emphasize the already existing public parody.

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