Leonardo or Michelangelo?

2013, inkjet print, 250cm X 455cm

C-print photography, variable dimensions

2012, event (photo session); two objects (gambling machines); press info published in several media and social networks

Leonardo or Michelangelo? is an event that took place in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, in December 2012. The invitation for the event was sent along with a dress code and addressed only to selected audience, chosen among the regular visitors to cultural events. Accepting the invitation, the visitors undertook the role of performers and participated in several hours photo session. The outcome of it is set of images, full of exaggerated simulations of celebratory atmosphere, status symbols, mise-en-scène of rich cocktail party and fun around gambling objects. The emphasis was given to the moments that mimic ecstasy, decadence, stereotypes of both gender and status roles, etc. 

The press release accompanied by visuals was published in the media and social networks a day later, in the form of “delayed” info about the opening of the exhibition. With that, the recipients of that information, despite the frustrating moment of “missed event”, became the real audience of Leonardo or Michelangelo?.