Post-Conceptual Contemplations

2014, Serious Interests Agency Gallery, solo exhibition

The working process

2014, generative drawings

OPA Professional is a concept, a set of projects and solo exhibitions, started in 2014. OPA Professional is an entity derived from OPA, whose focus is developing nice images, seemingly deprived from the political. Its goal is creation of visually appealing images and objects while developing several kinds of prototypes of effortless art production.

Post-Conceptual Contemplations was the first of that kind of cycles. The products were exhibited in the midst of the accelerated political turmoil in Macedonia, that pushed the cultural workers to either take an active engagement or, on the other side, to embrace the passive and silent position.

With this project we decided to overidentify with the position of the silent and deliberately blur the means and technics of the production of the exhibited works.  

Further reading:

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