Project Which is Not a Project

Project Which is not а Project, promo material

Project Which is not а Project, 2006, 42 min (video stills)

Project Which is not а Project, 2012, book

2003 – 2012, long-term project

The project was a journey. During 2003 and 2004, OPA traveled around Europe in a 40-year-old car. The journey was made with modest means and thus a series of troubles and difficulties arose. Visa applications, overcoming embassies’ administrative rules, car breakdowns in bad weather, and lack of money needed for important spare parts were recurring obstacles. The documentation of this journey became a commentary on the Schengen “wall” and an outsider’s point of view. However, the car itself has become much more than a means of transportation: it has turned into a communication tool.

Photo documentation of the journey (.pdf)

VIDEO PART, 42 min, 2006

In 2006, OPA traveled again, this time from Macedonia to Germany. With the departure from Macedonia, the trip addressed the current political circumstances in Macedonia. For this occasion the car was pepped up and improved for entry into the EU. The 42-minute video work was developed from these documents and the collected materials from previous trips.

Proekt koj ne e proekt  trailer (


The publication includes collected texts and photo documentation, focusing on OPA’s observations, expectations and reflections on the European art scene.

Further reading:

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Interview for Radio Tonkuhle, 13 June 2006

(German voice over)