Réalité Macédonienne

Elena Stojčevska as Silvie Salvetat 

Video stills

2003, art project on TV space (mockumentary video), 15min.
co-author Sašo Talevski a.k.a. HA (Chronic Arrogance)

Mockumentary video that was screened in prime time on the national TV Channel A1 as a true documentary. The video made in a manner of the Macedonian mediocre TV documentaries, is showing OPA and their alleged great success on the Parisian art scene while exhibiting in Palais de Tokyo, Pompidou, etc. The prestige of exhibiting in Paris is exaggerated beyond a joke and OPA’s international escapades are depicted with sarcasm, unnoticeable to the unsuspecting viewers who watched the documentary with admiration and awe when it was screened on the national television.

In this work OPA symbolizes and draw attention to the social and cultural relations within Macedonia and the attitude relating information that comes from the cultural metropolises. The video in an ironic way addresses the public media and its power to manipulate, alternate the truth and significantly influence public opinion.

In the mockumentary, the original video works from the authentic galleries and the actual posters on the public billboards are replaced with OPA video works and OPA posters in the editing and post-production process.

Screenplay and editing: Slobodanka Stevceska & Denis Saraginovski
Text: Sasho Talevski
Filming and postproduction: Denis Saraginovski
Narration: Elena Stojcevska (French)
Voice over: Aneta Veterova Soskic (Macedonian) and Yane Calovski (English)
Production: OPA
Thanks to: Elena Stojcevska, Hristijan Sanev and A1 TV station

Exhibited in the context of (selected shows):

Reality Macedonia, screening at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (2003)

I Had a Dream, Kunstraum, Baden (group exhibition, 2004), 2004-2009 program in .pdf, pp. 49-55

Transmediale.05, International Media Art Festival, Berlin (2005)

Potemkin Village, Break 2.4 Festival,, Ljubljana (2007)

Media Impact. International Festival of Activist Art, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2011), catalog in .pdf