Announcement in the daily newspaper Nova Makedonija (6.7.2011)

2011, mixed media (print on paper, announcement in newspaper, announcement on several internet sites)

In order to emphasize the importance of discussion and the participatory function of art, but also the uniqueness of a certain moment in time as non-transferable, OPA decided to use the potentials for immateriality of the work of art.

As a result, in July 2011, OPA announced that they would not have an artwork in the exhibition Artistically through the phenomenal 4, due to a lack of ideas. The statement was simultaneously published in the daily newspaper Nova Makedonija [No.22323; 6.7.2011], on the OPA website, on the OPA Facebook profile, on the Artistically through the phenomenal website, and also, exhibited at the exhibition Artistically through the phenomenal 4 as a short notice.