KOOPERACIJA (2012-2015) was a loose artist collective whose purpose was artistic activity outside the inert institutional frameworks of R. Macedonia. KOOPERACIJA stood for redefining the borders between public and personal space. Its objective was to unlock questions concerning the dynamic role of art in the context of centralized cultural politics and social discourse. KOOPERACIJA strived to encourage the interaction between the artist and audience.

KOOPERACIJA’s basic strategy was the occupation of temporarily free space dispersed throughout the urban landscape and exhibiting via a chain of blitzkrieg events. The desired effect was a constructive dialogue regarding the re-questioning of the critical positions in art and producing a favorable environment for a free exchange of ideas, experience and freedom of expression.

Members: OPA, Igor Toshevski, Filip Jovanovski, Gjorgje Jovanovik, Nikola Uzunovski, Vladimir Janchevski, Oliver Musovik and many more.  

Joint works:

– Kapital
– V

Further reading:

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