Window to The World

Exhibition view and documentary material

2004, installation (framed documents, computer with opened Google site, cage with birds-toys and Macedonian flag), joint project with HA (Sašo Talevski)

In 2004 OPA received the nomination for the Young Visual Artists Annual Award DENES, which is awarded to a young Macedonian artist and whose mission is to promote and recognize artistic accomplishment. The winner was to be chosen at a group competitive exhibition.

In this context OPA invited their associate Sašo Talevski (the group HA) to create a work instead of them. But conditions were set for him by OPA. The demands were to produce a work that would meet the criteria of Macedonian art criticism and sensibility and would have potential winning qualities. Thus, an authorization letter was made stating that in case of winning the award, Sašo could utilize it, take advantage of it or alienate it, sell it or donate it.

Sašo “decided” to produce as shallow and pathetic work as possible, which earned him the prize – a five-week residency at The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York City.

Further reading:

2023, Video interview with OPA made on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the DENES Award, organised by The Faculty of things that can’t be learned (FR~U).