2014, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn (exhibition view)

2014, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn (exhibition view, details, working process)

The working process

2014, six (generative) drawings (acrylic, marker pens and ink on paper), dimensions: 2 x 470cm x 130cm and 4 x 442cm x 150cm

The second project by OPA Professional is consisted of six large-format drawings. With this process we deepened and further explored the method developed with the previous cycle, moving the procedure towards virtuoso-like outcomes. Referring to the situationist Giuseppe ‘Pinot’ Gallizio and his long format paintings sold by the meter, the project puts the concepts such as beauty, idealism and the autonomy of art in correlation with its inevitable commodification

The project was developed during OPA’s stay at Hotel Maria Kapel An Artist Run Residency in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

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