Look for a Competent Person

2013, Where is Everyone?, exhibition view

The “Competent Person” performer

2013, object (8x49x8cm) and interaction

An inflatable object (slightly modified ready-made) with printed text on the biggest part of its surface. The text is consisted of invasive warning yet confusing messages what the object’s function is not, accompanied by the cautions for the need of the competent supervision while using the object.

The title of this work “Look for a Competent Person” written on the caption aside, was used as an instruction. Thus, it directed the audience to the performer – a person wandering nearby, labeled as a “Competent Person”.

When the interaction with the audience happened, the performer’s response was to show a total ignorance and lack of knowledge.

The work was produced in the context of the group exhibition “Where is Everyone?” organized by Kooperacija Initiative and held in a total darkness.

Thanks to Alkesandar Jovanovski.


Further reading:

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